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AWID Survey

The second most asked question at AWID is "How many women industrial designers are there?" There has never been a study concerning the actual number of women in industrial design. It is general knowledge that the number of women attending design school has gradually increased in recent years but many other factors make even the estimation of the number of women in the field difficult. For instance, not all persons who consider themselves industrial designers practice traditional industrial design. Many designers who do not consider themselves industrial designers practice industrial design or some aspect of industrial design in their process. Many women leave the workforce to undertake other roles, i.e. family.

AWID is attempting to answer this question. The following survey addresses the issue. Please spend a couple of minutes and fill out the survey. Please e-mail and forward the survey to as many industrial designers as you know. We will collect all the surveys and post the results in a couple of months.

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The Survey

Design Firm Title
City State Zip

1. Are you a woman industrial designer?


2. Do you have formal industrial design training? If yes, which school did you attend?


3. How many students were in your graduating class?

4. How many women were in your graduating class?

5. How many years have you been practicing industrial design?

6. What is your area(s) of specialty?

7. How many industrial designers are in your firm / workplace?

8. How may women industrial designers are in your firm / workplace?

9. Are you a member of IDSA?


10. List other professional organizations that you are a member of:

11. List as many women practicing industrial designers you know or know of: