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AWID Members Gallery - Rebecca Welz

This past March I had a one person show of my sculpture at the June Kelly Gallery in Soho. The exhibition consisted of seven large constructions formed from panels of 1/4 inch thick sheet Plexiglas. My process begins with sketching three dimensionally out of paper. From the sketches I have an idea how I want to form the Plexiglas. The material is sanded, folded, scratched and painted. Layers of pigment are built up and taken down with steel wool making opaque passages and translucent and transparent areas. Light plays a crucial role in activating the work. The pieces make shadows and reflections on the surroundings and on themselves. Connections between panels are made with wire to form hinges. The pieces rest on the floor, hang from the ceiling or on the wall. Plexiglas in its manufactured state is cold, clear, uniform and flat. I work to transform it so that it appears to have been left outside for a long time. I give it a history. The forms have been getting further and further away from the flat plane the longer I work with this material.

Currently, I'm working on new pieces for an exhibition at the Butters Gallery in Portland, Oregon in June, 2001.

I am often asked how I came to teach in the Industrial Design Department at Pratt Institute where AWID was initially founded in 1991. I was hired in 1988 to teach 3D. Pratt ID has a specific 3D history and methodology which my class did not follow so the name of my class was changed to Design Concepts. I in turn reworked the assignments and focused the class on the thinking process behind design. It has proven to be successful over the years.

See the AWID History for more on our background.

Rebecca Welz -Blue S Rebecca Welz -Sluice
Rebecca Welz - Spriral

BLUE S, 1999, Plexiglas and wire, 63" x 22"x 16 1/2"
SLUICE, 2000, Plexiglas and wire, 90" x 44 1/2" x30"(3 sectioned piece)
UNDERWATER SPIRAL, 1999, Plexiglas and wire, 41 1/2" x 52"x 22"

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