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Reading Suggestions

The Association of Women Industrial Designers in association with recommends these book for individuals interested in industrial design and women industrial designers. Click on the title or image for more information and the opportunity to purchase.


beth levin shoes

Beth Levine Shoes - Helene Verin

If you love shoes—and who doesn't?—you know that nothing says as much about a woman’s style as her taste in footwear. Long before Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin, Beth Levine was designing shoes that were objects of desire and even lust.

eva zeisel

Eva Zeisel - Lucie Young, Marisa Bartolucci and Raul Cabra

Eva Zeisel whose elegantly democratic housewares span a 70-year career.

curious boym

Curious Boym: Design Works - Contantine Boym

This whimsical book presents the whimsical designs of Constantin Boym and his partner Laurene Leon Boym in all their good humor and raw fun.

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design and feminism

Design & Feminism - Joan Rothschild, editor, and foreword by Paola Antonelli. Published in 1999.

"This book started with the question: How well do our designed environments... meet our needs both aesthetic and functional?... This book offers feminist critiques of these givens, and ideas, projects and programs for change." - Joan Rothschild

kirkham publication

Women Designers in the USA, 1900-2000 Diversity and Divergence

The exhibition Women Designers in the USA, 1900-2000: Diversity and Difference in the new exhibition galleries of the Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts.

goddess in the details

Goddess in the Details - Product Design by Women by the Association of Women Industrial Designers

Proudly, our first publication.

design secrets

Design Secrets: Products: 50 Real-Life Product Design Projects by Industrial Designers Society of America


Frog: Form Follows Emotion (Cutting Edge) by Fay Sweet

Useful Things

The Evolution of Useful Things by Henry Petroski

From the paper clip to fork, thoughtful consideration of the need for improvement in design.

Industrial Design

Industrial Design - Reflections of a Century edited by Jocelyn do Noblet

Great coffee table book and overview of industrial design in the last century.


How to Break into Product Design

How to Break into Product Design by Pamela Williams

Clearly laid out ideas and case studies about getting your product from idea through production and distribution.


Girls Think of Everything

Girls Think of Everything - Stories of Ingenious Inventions by Women by Catherine Thimmesh

Children's book about women and invention, great timeline of women inventors from 3000 BC to present.


Mothers of Invention

Mothers of Invention - From the Bra to the Bomb, Forgotten Women and Their Unforgettable Ideas by Ethlie Ann Vare and Greg Ptacek

From nuclear fission to pink champagne, inventions by women.


Design of Everyday Things

The Design of Everyday Things by Donald A. Norman

One of the benchmark books about industrial design.

big city junk

Big City Junk by Mary Randolph Carter

Collecting “junk” is hotter than ever, Now, with Big City Junk, the undisputed Queen of Junk explores exciting junking opportunities within city limits.

Feminine Ingenuity

Feminine Ingenuity by Anne L. Macdonald

A History of women and the patenting process.

The Green Imperative

The Green Imperative - Natural Design for the Real World by Victor Papenek

Stressing the importance of our environment in design.


Technology - The Surrender of Culture to Technology by Neil Postman

A broader view of design and the role technology plays in our lives.

internations women in design

International Women in Design


Creators: Artists, Designers, Craftswomen (Remarkable Women, Past and Present) by Karen Covington


Elements of Design by Gail Greet Hannah

A tribute to an exceptional teacher and a study of the abstract visual relationships that were her lifelong pursuit. Rowena Reed Kiostellow taught industrial design at Pratt Institute for more than fifty years...

Human Factors

Human Factors Design Handbook by Wesley E Woodson, Barry Tillman, Peggy Tillman

Somewhat dated but a great introduction to the many factors when designing with the human interface.